twoXAR Pharmaceuticals Announces Appointment of Timothy Heuer, PhD as Fellow

Aria Pharmaceuticals
2 min readFeb 18, 2020

by: Andrew A. Radin

I met Tim for the first time almost three years ago and I remember our meeting well. He furrowed his brow slightly as I explained the details on how our technology creates computational models of pathogenesis to derive new understanding of disease, and then identifies hits to test those new hypotheses within weeks instead of years. I’ve come to learn that the furrowed brow appears when the gears start turning in Tim’s head. And what exceptional gears they are.

Tim had worked over 20 years on some of the most challenging disease and programs at companies like Exelixis and Sagimet Biosciences where he advanced preclinical drug discovery programs to the clinic. With a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado, PhD in Cancer Biology from Stanford School of Medicine, and a post-doc at Harvard Medical School; Tim is accustomed to working side-by-side with leading and accomplished scientists, including Nobel Laureates (Thomas R. Cech and Jack W. Szostak).

Over the years, as we’ve built out our portfolio of 18 diseases (and counting), Tim’s in-depth expertise in Oncology, Metabolic and Immune/Inflammatory disease areas has been instrumental to the success of our programs. Recently, as we ramped up our partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, I fully appreciated Tim’s knowledge and capabilities. In our joint steering committee meetings with partners, it is Tim’s scientific expertise and guidance that leads the decision-making process to the delight of both our partners and our organization. Our partners’ trust in Tim has been one of the keys to success for our collaborations to date.

The Fellow title is reserved for the most senior scientists within an organization, and until today, twoXAR is yet to identify anyone as such. In recognition of Tim’s exceptional scientific accomplishments, he has become the first Fellow in twoXAR’s history. Well deserved.

On behalf of the twoXAR team — congratulations Tim! Keep those gears turning.

Aria Pharmaceuticals

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