The AI 100 & Combining Artificial Intelligence with Human Intelligence in Drug Development

by: Carl Farrington
Software Architect,

We at twoXAR were very honored to be included this week in The AI 100, CBInsight’s list of top private Artificial Intelligence companies. It’s given me a chance to reflect on how we employ AI relative to others in the industry.

Our focus is on drug development — and being one of the few biopharma companies to be included in the list, we use AI in a unique way. Where others may be using AI as the sole ingredient to enhance their respective industries, we are using it alongside a complex toolbox of data processing methods whose sum is greater than its parts. In addition to our wide-ranging data science methods, we apply human creativity and domain expertise to ultimately unearth patterns to help identify core mechanisms of diseases and effective therapeutic interventions.

The increasing public awareness around AI in recent years has been accompanied by growing concerns over this technology as a new source of competition for workers. But not enough attention gets paid to the possibilities for collaborations between human and artificial intelligence, where each contributes its unique strengths.

As you know, healthcare and biopharma can be conservative industries and there are good reasons for this: mistakes and omissions can be costly in terms of both money and lives, so it’s tempting to stick with what’s proven. But there’s also a cost when rapidly expanding biological knowledge doesn’t result in available therapies. We’re glad to be part of a new wave of innovation in improving human health.

Aria Pharmaceuticals is a preclinical-stage pharmaceutical company discovering and developing novel small molecule therapies for complex diseases.

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