Aria Pharmaceuticals

Mar 10, 2020

2 min read

Sprinting our way to 250

by: Aaron Daugherty

This week we are celebrating the release of the 250th version of our drug discovery software platform! I am so incredibly proud of the improvements our software team is constantly pushing out; it is the foundation that supports twoXAR’s dedication to rapidly identifying treatments for patients in need.

Our platform makes drug discovery and development faster and with fewer false positives. To build this platform, we use an approach that tightly couples scientists and software developers to make R&D faster, more accurate, and/or cheaper. Our scientists work with our software team to share how they work through specific processes and in turn, our developers build software solutions to help address the biggest hurdles in those processes. This is why we release new versions of our software platform every week and why we are so proud of hitting this significant milestone!

Collaboration between our research team and our software team is what drives the success of our process. Traditionally, if a pharma company even had a software or informatics team, they would sit in a silo without the critical insights of scientists. Our tightly linked model means that we can reduce the time from initiation of a disease program to in vivo testing of hits by three years and improve the success rate in those in vivo studies by 30x. To date this has resulted in a pipeline of 18+ active disease areas.

Our commitment to medicine starts with a powerful drug discovery engine. After 250 versions, our software platform is a sophisticated and integrated suite of tools helping us accelerate the pace and success rate of discovering first-in-class compounds. Looking forward, I am very excited to continue the collaboration between our software and research teams — bringing new ideas and insights that will lead to even more improvements over our next 250 versions. Together we will continue to rapidly build a deep and diverse drug discovery pipeline — we won’t rest on our laurels as we look ahead to version 500!

Aria Pharmaceuticals is a preclinical-stage pharmaceutical company discovering and developing novel small molecule therapies for complex diseases.

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